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Power Searching Information

   Ready to Power Search ABI/Inform?

 Here are the most important things to remember:


  1.   The Platform is:  and uses its search codes.
  2.   The Thesaurus of Subject Headings is trustworthy.


​ How to Power Search 
  • ABI/Inform is a professionally indexed database with a trustworthy Thesaurus of Subject Headings.
  • Uses the Proquest Search Platform search codes

​ Proximity [Phrase Searching]
  • NEAR/x  or N/x  : x equals the number of words apart on either side of one another .  e.g.  grounded N/1 theory retrieves  "Using grounded theory to ..."   or   "a theory grounded in experience."
  • PRE/x: x equals the number of words apart, the first word preceding the second word  .. e,g,  community PRE/3 practice retrieves "community of practice," but also "community development practice."
  • **small words, e.g. a, the, of, are STOP WORDS and do not count in the proximity operator

 Unique and Useful Searchable Record Fields
  • When searching for a company or organization, search COMPANY name in ORG field ; Ticker Symbol in TKS field
  • When searching for a sector, consider using the North American Industry Classification System Codes in the NAICS field
  • Use ABI's Classification Codes in the CC field to designate organizational types, georgraphic areas, article treatment, industires/markets and more

Useful Classification Codes :  9540 - Non-profit Institutions ; 9190 - U.S. ; 9000 - short article

 Subject Headings, Descriptors, Thesaurus
  • A full Thesaurus of Subject Headings is available within the database, showing relationships between broader and narrower terms
  • Subject Headings are applied consistently by professional indexers.  
  • Note:  Broader terms do not include narrower terms.   Combine all terms around a single concept with "OR."

 Truncation, Wild Cards in ABI/Inform
  • Standard Truncation :  Star character : 
    • used to retrieve 0-10 more characters  . e.g.  nurs* retrieves  nursing, nurse, nurses, nursed , etc.
    • can be used on end, front, or within a word, e.g. colo*r retrieves color or colour - *ald retrieves herald, bald, etc.
  • Defined Truncation: bracket-star-variable no.bracket [*x] where x=the number of characters specified up to 125 characters,  e.g.  [*5]beat  retrieves upbeat, downbeat, heartbeat, etc.

 Fielded Searches/Combining Sets : Examples
  • Combine Sets under RECENT SEARCHES Link
  • Use AND, OR, NOT Boolean Operators
  • Set Names are designated by Set Number only  : e.g. (1 AND 3) OR (1 AND 2) //   3 NOT China